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Copertina HJ ENG mdIn feudal Japan the Martial Art of Hojojutsu was taught for the capture and immobilization of prisoners by using a rope. 
Developed by the armed forces during the period of the "Warring States" (XV sec.), It was
 subsequently adopted by the city police in the Edo Period (1603-1868) as an aid during the
arrest, transportation and detention of a suspect.
Rich in illustrations and photographs, this text describes for the first time in the West, the history, philosophy, instruments and practice of the Art of the Rope.

235 pages, over 250 illustrations and photographs, the text includes the translated reproduction of a genuine and very rare densho: a secret teaching manual of one of the most renowned Schools of Hojojutsu created in 1797.

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Author: Christian Russo
Publisher: Yoshin Ryu
Language: English
1st English edition: 2016
Pages: 235

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ISBN: 9788890600555 ISBN: 9788890600562 ISBN: 9788894232806
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