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Hojojutsu English

HOJOJUTSU - The Warrior's Art of the Rope

In feudal Japan the Martial Art of Hojojutsu (捕縄術) was taught for the capture and immobilization of prisoners by using a rope. 
Developed by the armed forces during the period of the "Warring States" (XV sec.), It was
 subsequently adopted by the city police in the Edo Period (1603-1868) as an aid during the
arrest, transportation and detention of a suspect.
Rich in illustrations and photographs, this text describes for the first time in the West, the history, philosophy, instruments and practice of the Art of the Rope.

"Hojojutsu - The Warrior's Art of the Rope": 231 pages, over 250 illustrations and photographs, the text includes the translated reproduction of a genuine and very rare densho: a secret teaching manual of one of the most renowned Schools of Hojojutsu created in 1797.


Author: Christian Russo
Editor: Yoshin Ryu
Language: English
1st Edition: 2015
Pages: 231
Paper Book (Eng)
PDF eBook (Eng) Kindle's MOBI eBook (Eng)
ISBN: 9788894232820 ISBN: 9788890600555 ISBN: 9788894232806
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